2015 Global Marijuana March – Map


The 17th annual Global Marijuana March (GMM) in Toronto is set for Saturday May 2nd, 2015! Presented by Cannabis.ca, the GMM is the world’s largest marijuana march attracting upwards of 20,000 medical and recreational cannabis supporters and enthusiasts to downtown Toronto. This year organizers are looking to recent victories in the USA as inspiration to bring about positive change to the cannabis laws in Canada. The GMM crowd gathers north of provincial Queen’s Park at HIGH NOON before the parade at 2pm. The peaceful celebration has never had an arrest in the event’s 17 year history, and the GMM is part of the Toronto Freedom Festival (TFF) that was once again denied permits from the City of Toronto. This year GMM will be marching in protest of recent changes to Health Canada’s Medical Marijuana program and the Federal government’s new mandatory minimums for marijuana possession.

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  1. Sue Whaley
    Sue Whaley says:

    Using marijuana for pain in conjunction with pain medication for pain associated to arthritis and degenerative disc desease, allows me to use less pain medication than prescribed.
    I would like to be able to make marijuana butter. I have had baked goods made with the butter and I didn’t need any narcotics for pain for 24 hours.
    To make one lbs of butter, 25 grams of ground herb is required.
    I could never afford to purchase that much.
    If I could grow my own, I could.
    We are on this earth for such a short time, why should we have to deal with pain when we know how to make ourselves feel do much better.
    We spend so many tax dollars prosecuting people for such a harmless drug.
    I’ve never seen anybody get ugly from marijuana in the past 40 years but I sure have when people are impaired from alcohol. Have you?

  2. Sue Whaley
    Sue Whaley says:

    It’s supposed to be 21 Celsius on Saturday May 2, 2015.
    I will be marching for our government to leagualize marijuana but to reverse the governments mandatory maximum possessesion .

    I hope to see more people my age there too.


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